Glass Clamps

Stainless Steel Glass Clips and Clamps

Glass is an elegant, modern material used increasingly in homes and businesses for a variety of applications. From external glass Juliet balconies to glass panel inserts for staircases, glass is a material that offers the wow factor. However, it's important these types of balustrades are safe and secure as such, our glass clips are made from grade 304 and 316 stainless steel and are tested to the highest standards.

Completing any interior design scheme, or the exterior of any property glass balconies and panels are increasing in popularity. On one hand, the transparency of the material allows light to play, but fixings need to be minimal and unobtrusive, a design problem that is now solved.

Stairwell panels can offer a distinct issue in that they need to be pleasing on the eye, whilst maintaining the strength needed in the handrail system. Glass clamps for balustrades should be unobtrusive, even though they are visible.

Glass balustrade clamps to complete the look

But the finish associated with glass needs to be perfect. There is no room for error, nor untidiness. Minimalist balustrade clamps are key to completing the look without detracting from the beauty of glass.

But they need to be strong and of the highest quality too, so that as a key component they offer everything needed.

Balustrade glass clamps are perfect for ensuring that glass panels are kept firmly and safely in place. But, they are stylish components too, with various shapes and sizes from which to choose. With a wide range of balustrade clamps on offer, there is something for every design, every taste and budget.

Quick delivery on high quality products

All our clamps, fixings and components are of the highest quality and, with a fast turnaround on all orders, component parts could be with you within days. Unsure what you need? Call us for advice and guidance on sizes and component compatibility.